Coronavirus Response

Coronavirus Response Page

Please be assured that our business continuity program is active and working to support our capacity to service our clients worldwide. Fortunately, we have multiple international offices (totaling 178 employees) which already had some additional resources in place.

Please note that there may be some temporary delays depending on the data source (e.g., schools, businesses, courts, and other government offices) and changing geographic hot spots. Full or partial bulk closures and stay-at-home orders or requests have been more common in China, South Korea, continental Europe, Philippines, India, and a growing number of other areas, including the United States. Skeleton staffing has been typical in most, but not all, affected areas. Many parts of the world are still operating normally at full capacity. However, this may change for better or worse at any given time, location, or data source.

We are accepting and processing orders in all countries for all products. Why? Even in a pandemic, entire countries do not close. The words temporary "lockdown" or "closure" may sound absolute but, at times, may not reflect the actual accessibility of data. For example, a skeleton staff may still be in place or working remotely, or other sourcing may be available.

We make every effort to monitor data availability in key countries, but it is not practical to keep track of this fluid situation with millions of data sources worldwide. With the general anticipation and understanding that this situation is temporary, many clients are still placing orders in affected areas to be ahead of the line or queue when a data source's operations resume.

The key business continuity measures we have taken are:
      • Global leadership is in place to ensure our business continuity program at each Owens company is followed.
      • Guidelines issued by the government, the Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization are followed.
      • Select personnel have been provided with secure remote working access.
      • Best practices for social distancing, hygiene, and wellness are promoted to minimize risks.

We will continue to process orders and have our dedicated staff support your needs. Thank you for working with us.